WIMO-Doktoranden an 4. YOUMARES Konferenz in Oldenburg beteiligt

Mit Beteiligung der WIMO-Doktoranden Ruggero M. Capperucci (SaM) (als Chair einer Session) und Richard Jung (IGF) (als Referent) hat im September 2013 die 4. YOUMARES Konferenz in Oldenburg stattgefunden.


Oldenburg, 11-13 September 2013

The awarding ceremony has recently closed the 4th YOUMARES Conference „From coast to deep sea: multiscale approaches to marine sciences“. 15 sessions, 90 submissions, more than 200 participants for a 3-days successful event that focussed on young scientists and engineering dealing with marine sciences.

Ruggero M. Capperucci (SaM) chaired the Session 6 “Marine Habitat Mapping: stretching the blue marble on a map”. The contributions ranged from remote sensing to underwater acoustic techniques with applications in the North Sea and in the Mediterranean Sea.

Within this session, Richard Jung (IGF) gave his talk about “High Resolution Remote Sensing Images for Tidal Lands Change”.

by Ruggero M. Capperucci