WIMO Synopsis

In view of new EU directives, the joint research project WIMO is developing innovative scientific monitoring concepts for the model region German Bight. Two ministries in Lower Saxony, the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Protection as well as the Ministry of Science and Culture, are financing the project in equal parts.

Within WIMO important issues of marine monitoring will be researched in close cooperation with the responsible authorities. The joint research project is aimed at providing methods of exploring seabed habitats, detecting and analysing the dynamics of suspended solids as well as forming a comprehensive representation and assessment of biodiversity, sensitivity to oil and eutrophication.

Therefor, conventional sampling and measurements in situ will be combined with modern remote sensing techniques and complemented by integrative modeling. The overarching aspect of the project is to deal with the methodological uncertainties in an appropriate way.

WIMO is a partnership between an array of research institutes as well as state agencies (including the national park administration of Lower Saxony’s Wadden Sea) and steered by the WIMO project office at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg, Institute for Advanced Study (HWK).

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